What is Google Stadia?

What is Google Stadia?

Stadia is the name of the cloud gaming service launched by Google in late 2019. The American tech company observed the high levels of pollution generated by video game consoles and computers. That could be due to the production process or regular use by gamers. 

They decided to launch Stadia, allowing users to play on their TV, smartphone or computer without the need for any additional hardware. With cloud gaming, you just need to click on a link to set up a game from whatever connected device you’re using. In simple terms, the launch of Stadia aims to provide a viable alternative to PC gaming. 

Gamers have become accustomed to obtaining powerful PCs and consoles. The constant evolution of gaming graphics means many feel the need to regularly change equipment in order to keep up.

With Stadia, image processing is handled in real time by Google data centers, so the computer simply receives the video stream. Gamers can therefore play high-quality games on a low-quality device, at least in theory!

Google isn’t really known as a big player in gaming, so the company has to be commercially aggressive in order to make its mark. That’s exactly the aim of the Founders’ Pack, which includes a limited edition blue Stadia controller, a Chromecast Ultra, the game Destiny 2 and a free 3-month subscription to Stadia Pro, all for 130$. 

There are two regular subscription options, the first of which is Stadia Pro. For around 10$ a month, you get access to a limited selection of games. The second option, Stadia Base, is totally free. But image resolution is limited to 1080p while Stadia Pro subscribers get to play in 4K. Players also have to pay for every individual game they want to play.

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