What are bed bugs ?

What are bed bugs ?

Bed bugs are insects that feed exclusively on blood. They often live on furniture or bedding and bite humans during the night. Eliminating bed bugs from one’s home can prove to be very difficult. And the problem is getting worse as these modern-day vampires are becoming more and more common across the world.

The most common kind of bed bug is the Cimex Lectularius species. They measure around a quarter of an inch in length, have a flat oval-shaped body and are of a reddish-brown colour. Getting bitten by a bed bug isn’t painful, but the bites can become very itchy.

Bed bugs have been around feeding on human blood since ancient times. They were particularly abundant during World War II, until a potent insecticide called DDT came along. DDT nearly wiped out bed bugs in many countries, but they have made an unwelcome comeback in the 21st century. Bed bugs are back with a vengeance, and have been known to invade entire neighborhoods across the United States and Europe.

Bed bugs have almost certainly become more resistant to pesticides. At the same time, the most potent and dangerous pesticides have gradually been banned. The constant increase in global tourism has also had a role to play in the spread of bed bugs around the world. Bed bugs can just as easily set up home in hotels, hospitals, buses and subway trains. The issue is not just an issue of cleanliness or dirtiness; anyone can be contaminated.

Bed bugs don’t usually cause any significant health problems. But an infestation in your household can quickly become a nightmare. It is extremely difficult to totally get rid of these insects. They lurk inside mattresses, walls and many other places where they are hard to find.

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